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Daily Vocab : 05 July 2018


to ask or order somebody to do something.



to tell somebody very seriously about their some wrong doings.

to strongly advise somebody to do something.


adolescent/ऐडॅलॅस्न्ट/adj, noun


a young person or the state of young age between childhood a...

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Daily Vocab : 04 July 2018


very skilful and quick in thoughts, behaviors or action.



excessive or slavish admiration or flattery.

very great, often not deserved, admiration or praise for someone.



I feel irritated by the adulatory tone of the people.



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Synonyms & Antonyms: 04 July 2018

Abandon / अबैन्डन् / verb. त्याग देना, छोड़ देना

 Syn   : 1. desert, forsake, leave, quit, vacate

 Ant :   claim, continue, care, hold, keep, occupy


Abase / अबेस् / verb. अपमानित, लज्जित करना, नीचा दिखाना

 Syn   :  belittle, debase, degrade, demean, disgrace, humiliate, lower

 Ant ...

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Daily Vocab : 03 July 2018


not expected or planned.



an enemy.



a very difficult or unlucky situation or event.



[IDIOM] under the aegis of sb/sth = with the protection or support of sb/sth.



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Synonyms & Antonyms: 03 July 2018

Abet/अबेट/verb.अपराध करने हेतु भडक़ाना, उकसाना, प्रेरित करना या अपराध करने में सहायता करना

Syn : 1. encourage, incite, instigate, prompt, urge, provoke

Ant : hinder, oppose, prevent, resist, discourage, impede


Abhor/अब्हॉ:र/verb.अत्यधिक घृणा, नफरत करना

Syn : abominate, detest, disdain, despise, dislike, execrate, hate, loathe, scorn

Ant : ad...

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